About us

The person behind Adorable Kidzz

"With Adorable Kidzz I can let my creativity run free"

During my education at the Fashion Academy in Rotterdam, 
my focus was on styling. When I had my three children I loved their outfits.
I loved it, studying the new collections of special brands and finding the most
beautiful combinations. Together with Timme, Eefke and Emme-Lise, my love for children's
clothing of sustainable, beautiful and creatively high quality grew.
In 2015 I started my own webshop from home at the time and Adorable Kidzz was born. In the last years I have experienced so much special things.
The personal contact with the creative minds behind the brands in my shop gives me
a lot of inspiration. For example, I remember having a long conversation with the owner
of the Dutch brand Maed for Mini at a fair. She had just started and I immediately
got excited. Adorable Kidzz has therefore been a Maed for Mini ambassador since their
second collection. Growing together is the best thing there is. Adorable Kidzz is now a mature company. I sell more than 40 brands,
including Bobo Choses, Mini Rodini, Enfant, Carlijnq, Blossom kids and Long Live The Queen.
And although we continue to grow, the personal is still very important to me.
I do all purchasing, styling advice and communication myself.
I still enjoy making beautiful combinations every day
and combining different outfits.

In my showroom/brick store in Uithoorn I would very much like to welcome you by appointment
to choose the most beautiful sets for your child (ren) together. Besides clothing,
I also sell shoes, accessories and a small selection of toys. If you are unable to come by yourself, follow us on Facebook or Instagram and sign up for
the newsletter. Then you don't have to miss any action or offer anymore. Be inspired, feel free to ask for advice and enjoy the beauty! Bernadette